Hydration is the answer in our IV therapy for jet lag. Our jet lag iv drip therapy bag is filled with .9% saline solution which enables water molecules to mobilize into cells. Does tryptophan sound familiar? Think the most popular holiday to travel – Thanksgiving which leads to turkey. Tryptophan is the amino acid in turkey that makes us tired after Thanksgiving dinner. Maybe you don’t want to feel as tired as after Thanksgiving dinner, but after a long trip home via plane, you do! If jet lag has your body thinking it is not bedtime, the tryptophan found in our jet lag iv therapy solution is the solution. This will help your body make melatonin on its own helping you adjust your biorhythms of sleep to regular again.

The other major concern when traveling is the petri dish-like plane filled with germs. First, most concerning is the dehydrated environment and second, all the humans touching, breathing, sharing bathrooms and the same oxygen in one relatively small space. How many times have you flown and gotten sick soon after? We supercharge the jet lag iv therapy solution with immune boosters such as zinc, Vitamin C, and Vitamin D3. B complex vitamin is also part of the fortification in the jet lag iv therapy solution. This is not only part of our immunity matrix but will help with your production of energy also, which tends to be at a low with jet lag. Because of this immune booster in our jet lag iv therapy, you may want to consider having the jet lag therapy iv therapy before and after the trip to fight germs lurking on your vessel.

Symptoms for Jet Lag

There is nothing worse than being excited about your first trip to a different country – a different culture. You have dreamed your whole life of this, and you are lying awake in bed during the night, sleeping during the day. Or feeling in a daze as you go throughout your day at this exclusive vacation not fully enjoying it. Yes, these are the symptoms of jet lag. Some even have gastrointestinal disruptions such as nausea, vomiting, constipation and/or diarrhea. Mood swings are also a jet lag symptom. Mood swings lead to fights and who wants to spend the trip fighting with your companion…or a stranger, or being kicked out of an establishment? Therefore, we need to not risk losing the fun factor in our time and money spent on a getaway and have jet lag iv therapy before the trip. Not to mention, it will save you from being sick on the trip too.

Plan and book your jet lag iv therapy the day before your trip. It is well worth the investment in time and money so you can fully experience your trip whether for work or for play. If you do not do it before your trip, do it immediately when you arrive with the convenient mobile iv therapy that will come straight to your hotel room. Remember to book your mobile iv therapy for when you return also. When you live a jet-set life as you do, you must take the necessary precautions of this lifestyle to live, look and have that pep in your step that those in your mutual caliber of life have!