Does NAD IV Therapy Work? Benefits & Side Effects

Does NAD IV Therapy Work? 

NAD therapy – what is NAD therapy? NAD therapy is one of our most exclusive options on our menu for iv therapy at home or in our clean comfortable facility. Our NAD IV delivers directly into your circulatory system bypassing the digestive track where malabsorption or other nutrients may take precedence depending on environmental and genetic conditions. IV NAD therapy helps regenerate cells all throughout the body including the brain to your skin and muscles. Although we produce this chemical naturally, it declines with age. NAD IV therapy is a way to infuse a large dose much like you had back when you were younger straight into your system for optimal absorption. The effects impact physically and mentally. NAD therapy is believed to increase improvements in energy production along with metabolism. Increasing concentrations of NAD in the cells is shown to improve energy. NAD therapy done on a mouse model (a mouse genetically engineered to be representative closest of a human genome) has been proven to improve motor skills according to reports from Stanford University. 

What does NAD stand for? Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide is the full translation of this acronym. Wait, you see the root word resembling “nicotine” in there, don’t you? Are we talking about the same substance? If I am not a smoker, do I not need this therapy? Or are these your thoughts… I am a social smoker, a closet smoker rather than a chain smoker and not afraid to admit it. Will this therapy help with the damage I am creating by inhaling nicotine? Nicotinamide is a chemical compound that is very similar in structure to nicotine. Because of their structural similarities, they compete to bind to enzymes that instigate important youth enhancing chemical reactions in our bodies. These functions include vivaciousness to your exterior building collagen in your skin to improve its elasticity, to your tone and skeletal muscle development. Mitochondrial function is impacted positively, which you may remember from science class, is the energy producing powerhouse of our cells. NAD works at the genetic level increasing the length of our fountain of youth telomeres on our chromosomes. The younger we are, the longer our telomeres, giving us more protection from intracellular damage. NAD IV therapy lengthens the size of your telomeres to what they were in the past for juvenility.  All in all, nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide and nicotine are similar structures however smoking makes you older and NAD iv therapy makes you younger. NAD IV therapy is an absolute must for smokers and still super beneficial for nonsmokers alike.

How much does NAD IV therapy cost? 

It is one of our more fabulous treatment options of IV therapy on our menu. Why is that? The success rate is grand: a pilot study shows a 90% success rate (National Public Radio, August 2019) though no official blind neutral party study research has been conducted. For this proclaimed reliable treatment with as much as ninety percent success rate that reverses the aging process you can expect to pay between $800 – $1000 per infusion.

What are the IV NAD therapy benefits I can look forward to?

This truly could be the fountain of youth not only physically but mentally as well. Improve concentration, mental clarity and focus are the cerebral level improvements. Because it works so intricately in the brain, there is hope for it reversing neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s Disease. Regarding the physical, NAD promotes cellular regeneration meaning faster turn over for skin cells relinquishing younger skin. At the end of your chromosomes you have DNA damage control ends named telomeres. The more we age, the shorter these become accelerating aging. NAD therapy reverses the wear on these telomeres, extending their length, ceasing aging. NAD therapy also works at the cellular level restoring what damage is done to the mitochondria, our energy power houses within our cells. Sounds like NAD therapy may help you with your workouts. That is right, NAD therapy benefits include not only energy to complete your workout but also down to the muscular level. You will notice improved muscular tone because of this newfound energy recharging you to take your workouts up a notch increasing the functioning of your muscles. You may have the strength to complete four sets as opposed to three while increasing the weight on your barbell. NAD IV therapy side effects also include elevated mood, memory, eyesight, balance, and hearing for cognitive regeneration. Decrease pain and addiction withdrawal can be relieved; not to mention addictions in general. A mental therapy program alongside NAD IV therapy to target breaking addictions at all three levels of a person: mental, physical and spiritual.

Does NAD therapy work? 

Some reports have been miraculous with between seventy to ninety percent success rate. No official studies have been done though the pilot studies and evidence thus far are promising. You are ahead of the curve, meaning NAD IV therapy infusion now for you means younger you. You will be taking back the years of time in your own body before most people hop on the bandwagon. People will be wondering your secret; share with whom you want, maybe not your strongest competitors (wink, wink). NAD IV therapy can be your monthly treat for yourself. Ask for a special since we recommend investing in this monthly, buying three and having the fourth treatment complimentary on us. IV NAD is the secret of the stars and the next generation’s answer to reversing the aging process. 

We most certainly conduct this NAD IV therapy at home, or wherever you request: your office, on travel – your hotel. We come to you. You choose the most comfortable, efficient place, time and day. We want to cater to our high-end clients’ needs as we know you live a busy life. Reserve your appointment today in the greater Los Angeles and San Francisco area for an NAD IV treatment

No longer do you have to search for the fountain of youth – this is it right here, yours at the click of the button. NAD is a known miracle molecule in its effect on aging. With age it is made less naturally in our body no matter what other precautions you may take to prevent aging. It is the progression of age along the cycles of life that is inevitable. You do not have to worry about aging and your lower amount of NAD, when you can increase your levels of NAD right here! IV NAD treatment in your body with a direct infusion ensuring to hit your bodily fluids the quickest and most effective 100% absorption. Book your appointment today!