How A Myers Cocktail Can Improve Your Health

How A Myers Cocktail Can Improve Your Health

Myer’s Cocktail sounds appealing, like we should be cozying up to a happy hour ordering one after a long hard day’s work. We still could do that; it is not what we are thinking, however. Order a Myer’s Cocktail – sure! However do almost completely the reverse for your overall health. Myer’s Cocktail though may sound like an inviting beverage, it is the most popular intravenous infusion recipe.  


What is a Myers Cocktail

Our bodies are a masterpiece designed for all the systems working together in harmony making you beautiful to contribute your talents, gifts and skills to the community. We are not 100% self-sufficient however relying on nutrition from outside sources. We call these essential nutrients because they are nonnegotiable contributors to our vitality and we do not make them. That is what Myer’s Cocktail brings to the table. It delivers essential nutrients to our body in the speediest way possible. 


What Are The Myers Cocktail Ingredients? 

Myer’s cocktail ingredients include:

  • B Vitamins – people are mistaken thinking B Vitamins give you energy. No, calories give you energy. B Vitamins help you extract the energy from the calories you eat to transfer it to you living and performing daily activities. Other responsibilities of B Vitamins include memory, red blood cell synthesis, mood, age-related eye health and assisting with building the matrix of bones. 
  • Vitamin C – popular for immunity however did you also know that vitamin C intake enhances your body’s iron absorption? See article “Vitamin IV Therapy” to enhance your knowledge on this topic (insert link with title). Vitamin C cuts fat absorption. The typical Standard American Diet contains too much of. Vitamin C contributes to hair growth as well. 
  • Magnesium – an electrolyte found intracellularly and intracellularly to regulate blood pressure. The cardiovascular, lymphatic, skeletal muscle and nervous system are all made possible by mineral magnesium.  Studies are also proving its importance in the immune system by preventing Diabetes Mellitus documented in Journal of Internal Medicine (2007).
  • Calcium – bone growth, nails and hair. Works closely as a team (again see read the article mentioned precedent) with magnesium in bodily biochemical reactions.

Myers Cocktail Benefits 

Now that you are well informed of the Myer’s Cocktail ingredients; review the Myer’s Cocktail health benefits:

  • Mood enhancement – packed with conalbumin, more commonly known as Vitamin B12, you may notice a nice feeling in your head. Deficiency of this essential nutrient has been linked to depression because of an inability to make enough of the comforting hormone, serotonin. (American Journal of Psychiatry, 2000)
  • Energy Level Enhancement – converts energy from the calories you eat to give your body energy to live, to work, to play. Without Vitamin B your energy would turn into fat because it could not be converted to energy to support your body living.
  • Alleviating pain – especially associated with fibromyalgia and other female issues. This is because of the Myer’s Cocktail ingredient magnesium’s importance in eliminating the misfiring of nerve transmissions along the muscular system. According to the Journal of Alternative of Alternative and Complementary Medicine (March 2009) most participants in a study on the Myer’s Cocktail iv therapy for fibromyalgia experienced relief from this therapy in one way or another.
  • Enhanced immunity and disease prevention – the Center for Disease Control reports the 2018-2019 flu season infected the most victims, had the most hospitalizations and the most lethal in the last ten years not to mention the recent scares of the Corona Virus. Trump tweeted 37,000 people died of the flu last year and we should continue to live life – take precautions, be smart, don’t shut down. Agreed, especially if we are enhanced with a strong immune system the Myer’s Cocktail benefits of immunity top the list with the megadose of Vitamin C. Plus research continues with Vitamin C’s impact for fighting cancer. It is also instrumental in the prevention of asthma attacks, along with its other ally antioxidants.
  • Memory – According to the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease (2012) people with dementia have lower levels of serum Vitamin C. The B vitamins in our Myer’s Cocktail solution will help with memory retention.

Myers Cocktail Cost 

All these benefits are not going to break your bank. In fact, when you consider the amount of prevention you are investing in, the benefits of booking your appointment dig far deeper than your wallet; between $175 and $400. Our prices sit moderately at (link to price and booking link). You can even see if your insurance covers it as some providers do. Consider the copious Myer’s Cocktail side effects in proportion to cost. The time cost is zero to none since mobile IV therapy is there for you in the comfort of your home, office and hotel. I imagine you are wondering how much time investment and how long Myer’s Cocktail lasts. Beginning your Myer’s Cocktail regimen includes infusions weekly. After only a month you can alternate every other week. You do not have to go anywhere for your Myer’s Cocktail; it will come to you in the comfort of your own home, office or wherever you choose. Find a peaceful relaxation place that is most convenient for you. Most people opt to have the Myer’s Cocktail iv weekly and experience noticeable differences within four weeks.


Are There Myers Cocktail Side Effects

Most importantly, is Myer’s Cocktail safe? It is safe, with administration by a trained health professional such as a nurse. We are extremely selective here at The Cure IV in our selection of administers. Not only are they trained professionals but pleasant, hygienic and timely. 

Want to enhance your health this year? IV drip therapy is one advancement several stars from Adele to Rihanna choose along with other successful individuals. Try something new and reap the reward mentioned above. There’s no better time than now to safeguard yourself from contracting precarious strains of virus scaring the public. Tired of being tired? Hydrate and assist your body in utilizing the energy it consumes into energy. Wishing to build or maintain your muscle mass? Support your skeletal muscle with the Myer’s Cocktail rich in magnesium.  Stay vigilant, journal the difference between how you feel the first four weeks of your Myer’s Cocktail infusions to the week before Myer’s Cocktail IV drip therapy and your answer is there within you.