IV Hydration Therapy – The Ins & Outs
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Did you ever realize that the cure for your exhaustion may be as simple as hydrating yourself? Perhaps you are dehydrated…it can be that simple.

Why do you become tired when you are dehydrated? Your blood is composed of water; your blood makes up at least 60% of who you are. When you allow yourself to feel past the point of thirst; then your blood volume has already decreased two to three percent because of dehydration. This lack of blood in your body means your heart must work harder! Your heart is working with less blood to supply the body. Who wants to work harder? Most of us want to be as efficient as possible; your heart is in the same boat. We want to keep the load on the heart as light and efficient as possible which begins with hydration: enter the role of hydration IV for immediate well-absorbed efficient results for the precariously unexpected dehydrating days or just because you do not hydrate enough.

Mobile IV Hydration – How Long Does An IV For Dehydration Take?

You are so busy; we understand. It is difficult enough to find the time to drink water and eat the right nutrients! How do you find enough time to administer a hydration IV solution where you have to sit, wait and do nothing? Ah, you don’t! This can be done right in the comfort of your own home or office because we provide mobile iv hydration. None of your valuable time is wasted! This is the benefit of the mobile IV hydration service. Since hydration is a daily concern, you should take advantage of having this convenience weekly. Inquire with your health professional for how often he/she recommends for you. Need your hydration STAT? You got it! Our nurses can see you on the hour. We know you run a tight schedule, therefore, we recommend booking ahead of time to ensure you are settled in your most preferred place and time to receive this naturally energizing treatment.

Dehydration Treatment IV

Dehydration is a serious concern affecting every part of your precious body from your brain’s thinking ability to your athletic performance.  Sodium and potassium are your two main mineral electrolytes needed for transport of water into and out of your cells. Our dehydration IV therapy fluid is fortified with the perfect combination to make rehydration happen immediately. How do you know you are due for a dehydration treatment IV? Next time you use the washroom, note the color of your urine. Dark yellow…? You are dehydrated for certain. A clear barely noticeable yellow indicates your hydration is right in sync with your kidneys and body’s needs. Even if you are perfect daily with water consumption, drinking eight to ten glasses of water, and your urine appears to be the right hue, there are times everyone is going to want to invest in the benefits of dehydration IV therapy. After severely dehydrating situations you will certainly want to partake of the fast-absorbable solution. For example, plane trips (especially currently with the fear of viral contraction), intense heat – think August you should be booking your appointments for then now, after a party night or day-drinking and after an intense outdoor activity such as a day hike or marathon. Even golfing can be dehydrating in the sun for eight hours with the addition of alcohol that most people choose to partake of during this already dehydrating venture.

How Many Bags of IV Fluid for Dehydration?

You may wonder how many IV bags you need: it depends on your body size. Plan on two tablespoons (30 mL) per 2.2 pounds of body weight (or 1 kg). Plan on the administration to take about an hour. For a 130-pound woman, that would be about two-liter bags of treatment for complete dehydration therapy. Hopefully, you have not gotten to that point by the time you book your visit; most likely you only need one. That is why it is imperative to start enhancing your body’s health today to stay on top of this important influencer of your vitality. Men could be up to three bags for an average 180-pound man at severe dehydration. 

Best IV Fluid for Dehydration

The fluid that provides your body ultimate hydration during dehydration is an aqueous mixture of sodium chloride and potassium to provide the best transport of fluid into your cells. You choose to enhance your experience specifically tailor-made to your body by opting for beauty, hangover relief, vitamins, minerals to cure what ails you. These are the fluids given in a hydration IV when dehydrated that will make you experience energetic life again.

You can look forward to feeling more energetic after this treatment! Imagine the refreshing feeling…your pH value in your blood will be restored to optimal levels. Your electrolytes will be back in the balance because you will be hydrated. Chances of constipation will be minimized. Very important, your immune system will have a boost which we all are concerned about now. All the harsh pollutants and hazards you pick up from the environment, which is said to be as much as 80% of aging, will be cleansed and washed away. Just the equanimity in knowing this alone is worth it to be at peace in your soul of ultimate hydration.