Reasons To Get A Glutathione Injection

Reasons To Get A Glutathione Injection

As if you need a reason to get a Glutathione boost right now with all of the health scares and crisis going on? I am writing this while we are in one of the most popular media-covered pandemics we have ever witnessed – the coronavirus. Glutathione is the mother of all antioxidants ridding our body of toxins, fighting diseases and illnesses. It is also proclaimed to make your skin brighter!

Why subject yourself to a glutathione intramuscular shot with invasiveness when you could take it orally? Some medical professionals believe it is not effective orally. Intramuscularly is the way to go profess trained doctors within the American College for Advancement in Medicine. Glutathione IV infusion is these doctors preferred method of administration seeing the best absorption as well as other im shots and injections.

Glutathione Injection Before and After 

It is quite interesting if you view the before and after photos of subjects using glutathione shots as skin lightening agents. There are noticeable improvements. Do these glutathione injections for skin whitening really work? Studies were done on Filipino women ages 22-42 years old with Fitzpatrick skin types IV or V. Fitzpatrick is a measurement system used by dermatologists to classify skin regarding the amount of melanin produced after sun. Type IV or V is dark and very dark skin respectively in that order. According to this study, 90% of women saw moderate skin lightening with the administration of glutathione (Dermatology Practical & Conceptual, January 2018). According to this study, it is a means to achieve the lighter face. More studies are being conducted to advance the glutathione injections for skin lightening effects.

Glutathione Injection Benefits 

Glutathione injection benefits intramuscularly is used by doctors to detox the body of poisonous side effects of medical treatments such as chemotherapy. Because of its free radical defense mechanism given to cells, it is a great detox! Glutathione injections benefits include fertility for men. Often this is what is injected intramuscularly to wake up those sperm giving them stronger swimming power! Here are other benefits from disease fighting to fat-burning you can expect with a glutathione injection:

Glutathione iv benefits are copious and here is a list of positive noteworthy glutathione iv side effects:

  • Reduces oxidative stress – Glutathione injection benefits will counteract the stress we pick up from the environment. These stressors can lead to diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, and cancer. Disease can occur when we have too many free radicals (the enemy) entering our body but not enough antioxidants (glutathione) to fight them. A lack of glutathione in bodies leads to oxidative stress which leads to diseases such as cancer (Journal of Cancer Science and Therapy). Glutathione im injection benefits include fighting one of our most hated diseases – cancer!
  • Improves psoriasis – Glutathione injection benefits include fighting those unpleasant bumps on the skin. Researchers found with the administration of whey protein, which glutathione is in, the scaly bumps disappeared.  Now when you are in line at the smoothie shop and you have the copious choices of protein powders to choose from – whey, pea protein, soy, hemp, etc.; you know which one to choose. Bottoms up on that whey protein shake!
  • Reverses cell damage in people with fatty liver disease – a study conducted on those with fatty liver disease (those who were alcoholics and non-alcoholics alike) were administered intravenously high doses of glutathione. Hepatic tests returned showing dramatic improvements in markers of liver cell regeneration (Recenti Progressive Medicine, 1995). 
  • Increases fat burning instead of storing – studies conducted at Baylor University found that administering high doses of glutathione to older adults, whose glutathione production capability had declined, revved up mitochondrial action increasing the metabolism of older folk. Researchers found these seniors were burning more fat therefore storing less with the intake of glutathione and this also improved insulin resistance.
  • Increase circulation in arteries reducing plaque – a glutathione IM shot increased circulation, sweeping away plaque buildup. This in turn increased mobility for victims of peripheral artery disease which usually causes pain when walking in the legs.
  • Parkinson’s disease calming – although there is no cure for this disease yet; studies show that a glutathione injection side effect is reducing tremors of this debilitating disease (Mayo Clinic, August 2002). We must continue to pray, support and work toward a cure.
  • Fights against arthritis – glutathione injection benefits include protecting autoimmune disease victim’s cells from their self-induced free radicals attacking their own mitochondria. 
  • Reduces damage in diabetes – studies show that glutathione injection benefits may include eliminating the tissue damage from oxidative stress even in circumstances with uncontrolled high blood sugars (Diabetes Care, January 2011).
  • Reduce respiratory problems – a glutathione injection benefit may be to reduce symptoms in asthmatics. Glutathione is a byproduct of what scientists put in medicinal inhalants to thin the mucous of asthmatics. 

Glutathione Injection Side Effects

Glutathione side effects are minimal and may include some cramping, bloating or a rash. There is little research on this subject as there has been little concern regarding this. It has not been a continuous complaint large enough to support substantial time and money to research. 

Glutathione Injections Cost 

How much do glutathione injections cost? It depends on the quality of the shot and how many jabs you require to achieve your goal and maintain your desired result. Glutathione injections usually range in between $200-$400 per treatment session.

Glutathione, an antioxidant with so many nicknames showing its stupendous strength. As mentioned above, it is known as the “mother of all antioxidants”. In the research study about the hyperpigmentation reversal effects of glutathione, scientists called it the “wonder drug” for skin lightening. Core Medical Science terms it the “master antioxidant”. We as iv therapy experts like to coin it our liquid gold. It is a nutrient that provides exceptional damage control protection to our cells from dangerous invaders. Who doesn’t need some detox these days? It does that as well which in turn supports the immune system. Glutathione injection is a wise idea before or after a night of partying for a quick hangover protection boost or with the Hangover Relief IV therapy. Whatever your situation, you cannot go wrong with choosing this to arm you against today’s ever-present environmental toxins.