What Is IV Vitamin Therapy? Benefits & Side Effects

What Is IV Vitamin Therapy? 

Have you ever had someone selling you on the idea that you should take his/her multivitamin because it is the best possible state for absorption? “Liquid formula is the best,” he insists. It makes sense, the liquid form is already in a liquid state for absorption whereas the pill form has to be digested by the body, ground up into tiny miniscule pieces, and then travel through the stomach and intestinal lining to be absorbed by the body. There is no scientific evidence supporting that the state of which you consume a multivitamin orally enhances the absorbability. According to Recent Developments in Multivitamin/Mineral Research published by Advanced Nutrition in November 2013, it is very difficult to evaluate the efficiency of multivitamin absorption into the body because of all the variables, one being the different nutrient interactions with each other in a multivitamin. That is until we came up with multivitamin iv therapy where absorbability is one of the main iv vitamin therapy benefits. 

Learn IV Vitamin Therapy Benefits

Imagine this scenario, you are going to an event with a friend who is super gregarious and great at schmoozing the host seating people at the door. With your beautiful friend you land front-row seats to the event with some beverages comped – the whole nine yards. Now on the other hand, there is also that friend that you take to a happening place and people are unusually repelled from you. This friend is Debbie Downer, a “cock block”. Let us compare these scenarios with nutrient absorption. There are nutrients that work in tandem better together; just like you and Ms. Sunshine when you land those front row seats. For example, iron and Vitamin C work in tandem together better. According to a study published in the American Journal of Nutrition, eating the two nutrients together, like broccoli (Vitamin C) with a lean sirloin steak (iron) the iron absorption by as much as 67%. The opposite is also true, however. There are vitamins that inhibit each other from being absorbed into your body as well; comparable to Negative Nelly cramping your style. For these reasons, it is difficult for researchers to evaluate the absorption rate of the matrix of nutrients in the multivitamin form. For example, there have been reports in one study absorption of vitamin B2, also known as Riboflavin, absorption was as low as 13%.  With all of the routes oral supplements have to take to be absorbed by the body provokes one to believe that one major benefit of IV Multivitamin therapy is the absorption rate – the nutrients have less paths to take to be absorbed by the body therefore less chance of deflection. This is a point for the “pros” in evaluating IV Multivitamin therapy pros and cons.

On the contrary, according to Doctor Torbati, co-chairperson of Emergency Medicine at Cedar Sinai, vitamins and minerals intravenously infused into the blood for faster absorption is not necessarily a good thing. “When you put something straight into the bloodstream, you bypass all of the body’s built-in safeguards and filters,” says Doctor Torbati. Perhaps God designed our bodies perfectly the way they are with the guard gates to decipher the rate at which it absorbs nutrients. We do know that the best way to receive nutrition is naturally through foods and beverages since there are beneficial nutrients found in our nourishments that we have not discovered yet as scientists in order to chemically devise and fortify in a supplement. Our bodies are perfectly designed to absorb different nutrients all along the gastrointestinal tract as early as in the mouth during chewing. Zinc is one nutrient absorbed sublingually. 

IV Multivitamin Therapy Pros & Cons 

the direct absorption of the nutrients into the blood reviewed in the preceding paragraphs delivering nutrition and hydration for fastest and most absorbable results. This is certainly a pro in evaluating the vitamin iv therapy side effects. The depuration rate is instant as opposed to the lengthy process of the digestion process of oral supplements. There are many other attributes that constitute absorption fluctuations with oral supplements such as age, activity level, illness, malabsorption issues, stress and especially gastrointestinal illnesses. As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, when a client is suffering from an extremely ill intestine and body, the best way to make sure he/she is receiving nutrition is directly intravenously if there are no other options. Nutrition through wholesome foods is always best but if that is not an option, we must visit other options, including intravenously. People suffering with GI issues are not the only ones to benefit from intravenous solutions. There are reoccurring studies going on evaluating curing cancer with large intravenous doses of Vitamin C. In one study, intravenous doses of Vitamin C were absorbed at a rate 25x higher than its oral competitors. This is a huge advantage of intravenous delivery not to mention bypassing the horrible side effects of the alternative cancer remedies via chemotherapy. 


Vitamin IV Therapy Side Effects

What can you plan on benefiting from a multivitamin intravenous drip? What are the side effects? Liveliness, energy, ails the blues elevating your mood, pain dissipates especially specific female pain like fibromyalgia and menstrual cramps to name a few. For athletes, the intravenous multivitamin drip will aid with muscular cramps from overextended fatigued muscles. Not only that, athletes will experience an improvement in athletic performance. And in the case of asthmatics, the intravenous multivitamin drip can help you avoid that scare. 

Now that you are super pumped to book your mobile IV multivitamin infusion, you may be wondering, does insurance cover iv vitamin therapy? Do call your provider or have us call for you. The good news is that some insurance companies do cover for hydration and multivitamin IV therapy.

Here is the most popular concoction to go for in the multivitamin drip: it is called Meyer’s Cocktail. We like to call it the vitamin cocktail your Grandma use to give you infusing a blend of Vitamin B for energy metabolism, disease-fighting Vitamin C, Calcium for strong bones, and lastly electrolytes for your optimal hydration. Our Myers Cocktail IV is our popular mixture of choice for vitamin therapy.

Another option to think about in your intravenous treatment is glutathione. This is found naturally in all of our cells and acts as a protector with its antioxidant properties, preventing the cell from dying and contracting contagious diseases. Glutathione protects many types of cells including those in the eyes and skin. It also is an important molecule for curing HIV/AIDS, Parkinson’s disease, gastritis, IBS, diabetes and pancreatic disease. Read more about how to elevate your immunity in your vitamin IV therapy drip with glutathione.

What are your health concerns? Vitamin IV therapy for weight loss is available! This is a must as it is a concern for two out of three of us. Vitamin IV therapy for weight loss not only gives you the energy for workouts and assists in the metabolism of fat but also cleanses the body of metal toxins and waste bi-products with the breakdown of fat. Vitamin IV therapy for cancer – I touched briefly above on the effects of Vitamin C in combating cancer. The evidence is conflicting, but some trial studies point in the direction that it does minimize the debilitating effects of cancer. Researchers speculate that the Vitamin C therapy must be intravenously administered as the supplemental form and even food varies in absorption amount by the body. The method of vitamin iv therapy for cancer via intravenous is no doubt a way to achieve a high dose of Vitamin C. In the studies done on lab rats the administration of Vitamin C was through injection as opposed to oral which is variable in its absorption. If Vitamin C is a cure for cancer, for certain it would be through Vitamin IV therapy for cancer we would want to administer it.  Is your hair thinning a bit? The American Hair Loss Association reports that half of men experience this by age fifty and women are not exempt. We will concoct a special vitamin iv therapy for hair loss cocktail consisting of B vitamins, zinc, selenium, Glutathione and Vitamin C. These are all nutrients that assist in the production of hair. 

Everyone needs to take a multivitamin, and I do mean everyone. I tell my clients that taking a daily multivitamin is comparable to having car insurance. We are not sure and certainly hope we do not cause an accident or are in one however it happens. We have auto insurance just in case. The same goes in taking multivitamins. We take it just in case our diet did not deliver enough nutrients for that day. For example, say one day we fall a little short of consuming our recommended daily allowance of Vitamin C and heaven forbid we come across a deadly virus; the multivitamin double-checks you do have sufficient amounts of all the vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients. The intravenous method is the quickest most certain way for 100% absorption.